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Last minute dive liveaboard Komodo - July 2020 Indo Siren Liveaboard with 30% OFF

Get it before everyone else does NOW!! Last minute liveaboard deal to Komodo, Indonesia, with 30% OFF. Indo Siren liveaboard rated in reviews 7.6 out of 10!

- 21st July 2020 - Was £1,873 - Now £1,311 inc. 30% saving - Diving Trip Komodo National Park (Labuan Bajo - Labuan Bajo) - 8 days 7 nights. Valid to 31 January 2020.

Discounted deals won't hang around for long, so book your place NOW!

The 40m S/Y Indo Siren cruises the diverse waters of Indonesia. This luxurious liveaboard was designed by divers for divers to provide superior ease and comfort. With en-suite and air conditioning for up to 16 guests in 8 cabins - Ideal for couples and single or solo divers and travellers.

Review of liveaboard:

"Beautiful diving. The guys on the boat were so friendly and helpful. There was always lots of food (even though I don't eat fish or rice, and the food was spicy most of the time). The rooms were comfortable and had more space than I've experienced before. Unfortunately, the compressor was broken so Nitrox wasn't provided as was listed on the website. Also, there was a leak in the water tanks somewhere so the boat had to do a detour to get water from an island (water was turned off overnight on the boat), and so the dive plan had to be altered. The ladder on one of the tenders broke one day during our diving. Also, a fan near the dining area exploded one day. I think the boat needs some down time for maintenance! Visibility wasn't great a lot of the time, but the corals were amazing and we saw so many species of fish and large schools of fish in many areas where we dove."

Recommended for: Meeting other divers, variety of coral and fish, helpful crew. Sandra L, Canada.

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