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Last minute deals liveaboard Galapagos - February 2020 Xavier III 15% OFF

Get it before everyone else does NOW!! Liveaboard deal to The Galapagos Islands with 15% OFF. Xavier III liveaboard rated in reviews 8.4 out of 10!

- 1st February 2020 - Was £2,093 - Now £1,779 inc. 15% saving - Non-Dive Trip Galapagos Land and Sea Central Islands - 7 days 6 nights. Valid until 31 January 2020. Single Female Share Cabin.

Discounted deals won't hang around for long, so book your place NOW!

Built in 1998, the Xavier III combines comfort and good service with good value for an intimate small ship cruise around the splendid Galapagos Islands. With en-suite and air conditioning for up to 16 guests in 8 cabins - Ideal for couples and single or solo travellers.

Review of liveaboard:

Close to animals and nature. "Get so close to the animals."

Recommended for: Be Bear the animals. See the difference between the Islands. Snorkling. Kurt D, Denmark.

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