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Last minute deals liveaboard diving Galapagos - February 2020 Aqua up to 21% OFF

Get it before everyone else does NOW!! Liveaboard deal to The Galapagos Islands with up to 21% OFF. Aqua liveaboard rated in reviews 8.4 out of 10!

- 4th February 2020 - Was £3,282 - Now £2,593 inc. 21% saving - Diving Trip - 8 days 7 nights.

- 11th February 2020 - Was £1,221 - Now £989 inc. 19% saving - Naturalist non-diving trip - 4 days 3 nights.

- 11th February 2020 - Was £2,824 - Now £2,287 inc. 19% saving - Naturalist non-diving trip - 8 days 7 nights.

- 14th February 2020 - Was £1,836 - Now £1,524 inc. 17% saving - Naturalist non-diving trip - 5 days 4 nights.

Discounted deals won't hang around for long, so book your place NOW!

The Aqua liveaboard offers fantastic diving and naturalist itineraries throughout the Galapagos archipelago. The unique combination of both Galapagos liveaboard diving and naturalist activities means that divers can explore the incomparable diversity both above and below the water. With en-suite and air conditioning for up to 16 guests in 9 cabins - Ideal for couples and single or solo divers and travellers.

Review of liveaboard:

This was the dive trip of a lifetime. "The highlights were the abundance of sharks, the large schools of reef fish, the hundreds of thousands of birds in the islands, and the outstanding enthusiasm and competence of the crew. However, what I feel needs improvement is the information provided before the trip. I did not receive a good summary of what to bring and how to meet the boat. I did receive the itinerary for the trip, but it says that the boat leaves from Puerto Ayora, while the boat actually left from a bay near the Airport. I was sent the correct information four days before the trip, but I had already left home and did not get the information until the evening before the trip. One other suggestion is that the recommended 7mm wetsuit may not be warm enough for some divers. Although the islands are on the equator, there are cold currents that lower the temperatures on some dives to the low 60's, depending on the time of the year."

Recommended for: The unique underwater life, the abundance of marine life, and the outstanding service of the crew were the three best things. Allen E, United States

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