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How do you get neutral buoyancy
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Keeping warm with a wet suit when scuba diving

If you’re going to be using a wetsuit to keep warm when scuba diving, make sure it fits well.

A loose fitting wet suit will flush too much water and you’ll get cold.

I remember once diving in the U.K. and a guy had this very loose fitting wetsuit that he’d borrowed. I told him he’d be cold and it wasn’t a good idea going down in this wetsuit.

He ignored my advice, which was fine. But I told him he regret his decision.

In only a few minutes from leaving the surface, he returned to the surface from his dive. He was extremely cold, he was shivering and he did come to me and agreed that I was right.

The moral of the story is to listen to someone who has a better understanding of the situation.

Fortunately no harm was done and we all laughed about it, whilst the guy shivered almost uncontrollably.

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