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Highlighting the dangers of fitness to scuba dive as man dies in Tenerife whilst learning to scuba dive

Lorry driver Andrew Littler died whilst learning to scuba dive.

Mr Littler suffered from a cardiac arrest when he was being taught how to dive.

This scuba diving incident highlights the risks that are associated with scuba diving, as diving does put extra stress on the body when diving to depth.

It’s so important to understand the risks that are associated with scuba diving and to carefully complete a scuba divers health questionnaire, before you attempt to dive.

This unfortunate accident happened when 53 year old Mr Littler was on holiday and unfortunately he and his wife forgot to take out insurance too.

But what’s great is how £4,000 has been raised to help his wife through the awful situation.

To find out more about this scuba diving accident please visit the BBC here:

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