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Divers against plastic pollution

I thought I'd add a forum for divers against plastic pollution.

I know there's a project called Dive Against Debris - link here:

This is worth supporting or at the very least if you take a 'goody bag' with you on your next scuba dive, use this to collect any rubbish, be it plastic or otherwise that you find, and put it in your goody bag. This is something that I do when I dive and when I snorkel too!

The more that we as divers can do to help clean up the oceans, the better. I know this is a little bit like putting a sticking plaster on Cancer, but every little helps.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this point and would welcome comments here on my forum.

Happy diving and here's to the wonderful sea creatures we see on our dives - let's look after them as much as we can as a diving community!

If you see that can, plastic bottle or plastic bag floating around on the sea bed, grab it and take it with you. Even if you don't have a goody bag, grab it anyway. Most BCD's have pockets in to put things in. So use this.


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