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Deep diving from Dartmouth in the UK

Some of my best deep dives have been from Dartmouth, where just outside the River Dart, the waters are very deep.

Most of the dive sites are 40+ metres and many are 50 metres deep.

When we went as a BSAC club when I dived with the Saffron Walden club, we used to stay on the Res Nova on the Dart.

The Res Nova was a floating restaurant and hotel or bed and breakfast place. We used to drive down with a rib and go out to dive from there.

Although I no longer do any deep diving, well not really below about 30 metres or so, I used to enjoy doing the dives from Dartmouth.

But it was on one wreck where the visibility must have been less than a metre or maybe only about a foot is so, I wondered what I was doing.

We’d spend maybe 20 minutes bottom time and then spend longer decompressing in murky water. For me this was no longer fun.

But if you like deep diving and you love to scuba dive on wrecks, consider Dartmouth if you’ve not already dived there.

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