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Birmingham NEC dive show 2018 27th October and 28th October 2018

The Birmingham Dive Show 2018 is a 2 day event being held from 27th October to 28th October 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

This is the biggest dive show in the UK.

The NEC dive show provides a platform to gain inspiration from seeing what other divers have been getting up to and feature areas such as:

  • Try Dive Pool.
  • TekPool.
  • PhotoZone for underwater photography.
  • New Product Showcase and diving equipment.
  • Themed Travel and Dive-Training areas.
  • A place for inspiration for scuba divers.

For tickets and more information click this link: The Birmingham NEC Dive Show 2018.

For BSAC members you can get some free tickets for the dive show. Click this link for more information about your free tickets to the 2018 dive show:

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow...

if you’re just starting out as a scuba diver and you need to buy your scuba gear, the NEC dive show is a great place to begin.

There are usually most of the scuba gear manufacturers at the dive show who will be able to demonstrate their products to you.

You’ll be able to compare equipment, but also you many be lucky enough to grab a few bargains too.

Actually, the dive show is not just for beginner scuba divers, because even if you are a seasoned scuba diver and in need of new equipment, you too might be able to grab some gear at a discount too.

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow...
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