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Why Should You Rinse The Inside Of Your Buoyancy Control Device?

You should rinse the inside of your buoyancy control device to remove saltwater or chlorine depending on your most recent diving activity, to clean out any sediments and to prevent bacterial growth. Proper maintenance of your BCD by regularly rinsing the inside with water will help your BCD last.

How Can I Improve My Buoyancy Control?

The best way to improve buoyancy control is to use your buoyancy control device effectively, master your breathing and perfect your weights. Maintaining a better body position and fine tuning your finning technique also helps, but one of the best ways to improve buoyancy control is to dive more.

Are There Great White Sharks In Nantucket And Nantucket Sound?

There are great white sharks in Nantucket and Nantucket Sound mostly from June to October when waters warm to over 12°C (53.6°F). Great white sharks prefer temperatures above 12°C and come to feed on the proliferation of harbour and grey seals before heading back down south along the US coastline.

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