What Happens If You Run Out Of Air While Scuba Diving?

If you run out of air while scuba diving, you should turn to your dive buddy and use their alternate air source (or octopus air supply), buddy breath and ascend. If your buddy isn’t close enough for buddy breathing, your alternative is an emergency ascent, unless you have a redundant air source.

What Kind Of Sharks Are In Indonesia?

What kind of sharks are in Indonesia? Indonesia is home to many types of shark, with the mostly likely sharks seen as the grey reef shark, blacktip reef shark and whitetip reef shark, along with the wobbegong shark sightings in Raja Ampat and hammerheads at the Ring of Fire in the Banda Sea. But you may also encounter a whale shark, mako shark, thresher shark, epaulette shark, silvertip shark, tiger shark, zebra or leopard shark, mega mouth shark and even a great white shark.

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