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Bahamas Tiger Shark Diving Liveaboard (Tiger Beach Scuba Diving Safety)

If you’re looking to dive with tigers sharks and your looking to dive in the Bahamas, plus, if you’re looking to scuba dive from a liveaboard boat, then a Bahamas tiger shark diving liveaboard is the perfect solution for you. Choosing the best liveaboard is important and the Bahamas Aggressor is certainly one of the best liveaboard scuba diving boats in the Bahamas.

Belize Liveaboard Scuba Diving (Stunning Scuba Diving For All Levels)

Belize liveaboard scuba diving is the best way to dive the sea in this region. As shore diving is almost unheard of due to the barrier reef that fringes the coastline. Experience The Great Blue Hole (No. 1 of the 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth according to the Discovery Channel). See sharks, which include whale sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks, lemon sharks and bull sharks. Have the chance of meeting a manatee and dive in crystal clear warm Caribbean waters.

The Best Bahamas Liveaboard Dive Boats (Caribbean Liveaboard Cruises)

Bahamas liveaboard dive boats are the best way to scuba dive the Bahamas. One of the best places in the world to experience sharks, including tiger sharks and bull sharks. Also known for ship wrecks, with healthy coral reefs and abundant sea life, stunning sea walls and one of the top blue holes to dive in the world. With year-round warm seas and mild air temperatures, the Bahamas makes for a great diving destination.

Seagow Mini Underwater Breathing System (Is It Safe To Dive With?)

WARNING: Only use the Seagow underwater breathing system, the MiniDive Pro and other similar products if you’re a certified scuba diver. DO NOT buy it or use it otherwise. Although the Seagow and MiniDive both come with instructions, this is not sufficient for your own personal safety. Only learn to dive with a leading scuba diving organisation like BSAC or PADI first. Note that scuba diving is a dangerous sport. It becomes even more dangerous if done when not certified!

Rowley Shoals Liveaboard Diving (How To Get To Rowley Shoals To Scuba Dive?)

Visit the Rowley Shoals by liveaboard. Offering some of the best diving in Australia or possibly the world. The reefs are among the most remote and pristine marine areas in the world. Due to their remoteness and abundance of sea-life, plus some of the best visibility available, some argue the diving there trumps The Great Barrier Reef. The only way to snorkel and dive the Rowley Shoals is by liveaboard, as they are some 300 kilometres (188 miles) off the coast from Broome in Western Australia. Also, the diving there is a very limited season from September to December.

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