Author : Russell Bowyer

Are There Great White Sharks In The Sea of Cortez

Are there great white sharks in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico? Video evidence and research has shown that great white sharks are found in the Sea of Cortez, as the water temperature in the Sea of Cortez ranges from 19-24°C (66-75°F), which is the perfect temperature range for the great white shark that prefer waters at 12-24°C (54-75 °F).

Costa Rica Liveaboards Review (Dive The Cocos Islands)

Cost Rica liveaboards diving reviews: Liveaboard diving in Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands (Isla del Cocos) offers excellent scuba diving, especially with sharks. Costa Rica liveaboards are the only way to experience the diving on Cocos Islands with the chance to see hammerheads, tiger sharks, whitetip sharks, manta rays and whale sharks.

Solomon Islands Liveaboards Review

Solomon Islands liveaboards diving reviews: Liveaboard diving in the Solomon Islands offers excellent scuba diving, and a Solomon Islands liveaboard is the best way to experience the pristine and colourful reefs and reef fish, plus wildlife such as whale sharks, blacktip and whitetip sharks, tiger sharks, manta rays, turtles and whales.

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