Month: May 2021

Why Is It Important Not To Dive With An Excessively Tight Neck Seal?

It is important not to dive with an excessively tight neck seal, as a very tight neck seal will restrict blood flow to your brain, which in a worst case scenario can lead to brain damage and be dangerous. A very tight neck seal will also be uncomfortable and will be difficult to get over your head.

How Do You Vent Air From Your Drysuit While Underwater?

You can set most drysuit exhaust valves to vent air automatically while underwater, but to do so the air in your drysuit needs to migrate to where the exhaust valve is located on the suit. You can adjust the valve and how much air is released, but it’s best to have the valve set to fully open.

Bahamas Master Liveaboard Review: One Of The Best Liveaboards

This Bahamas Master Liveaboard review reveals a 35 metre (115 feet) catamaran dive boat custom built for up to 16 scuba divers. With paid Nitrox onboard so you can extend your dive times. Meals cater for all dietary requirements. 11 en-suite aircon cabins for couples, singles and families.

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