Month: January 2021

Maldives Liveaboard Tipping (How Much Do You Tip A Liveaboard Crew)

For Maldives liveaboard tipping budget for 10% of the cost of the dive trip. This will cost between $150 to $300 for a week depending on the liveaboard. How much you tip a Maldives liveaboard crew is your choice and is not expected. But it is customary if you’ve had great service both on the boat and underwater.

How Much Wind Is Too Much For Diving? (Safe Diving Wind Guide)

Force 4 to 5 with wind speeds of between 13 to 24 mph (20 to 38 km/h) can be too much wind for diving, as this can produce wave heights of up to 3 metres (10 foot). When you bear in mind that many diving operations will cancel dives with wave heights of 5 foot and over. So 10 foot waves are high!

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