Month: November 2019

What causes dry suit squeeze? (How to prevent dry suit squeeze)

What causes dry suit squeeze is the result of increased pressure of water as you descend on a dive. The air pocket inside your dry suit is squeezed and as it is the material of your dry suit is pressed against your body. Dry suit squeeze is particularly uncomfortable around the valves and seems of your suit.

2 day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef (2 day 1 night Outer Barrier Reef)

2 day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef is available from two very different Great Barrier Reef liveaboards. This are the Ocean Quest liveaboard (up to 48 guests) and the Coral Sea Dreaming liveaboard (up to 12 guests). Both these liveaboards offer a 2 day 1 night Outer Barrier Reef encounter.

Liveaboard single cabin all Galapagos (Galapagos dive and non-diving for single travellers)

Liveaboard single cabin all Galapagos can include single cabins with a single bed. But it also includes twin or triple cabins for solo divers or single travellers who are happy to share with other single travellers, who are also looking to scuba dive the Galapagos Islands. This article includes non-diving liveaboards too.

Fear of scuba diving phobia (Top 14 fears that stop people scuba diving)

Fear of scuba diving phobia is not a phobia in itself. However, there are phobias like aquaphobia and the fear of water, thalassophobia and the fear of the seas that prevent people from taking up the sport of scuba diving. But other phobias like claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces), bathophobia (fear of depths) and galeophobia (fear of sharks) also give people a reason to fear scuba diving.

Why is nitrogen narcosis called “The Martini effect”?

The Martini Effect meaning is the slang term for nitrogen narcosis. Where the name the “Martini Effect” comes from the fact that some divers feel drunk when affected by nitrogen narcosis. Narcosis is affected by deeper diving, and the deeper the diver, the stronger the nitrogen narcosis will be. Scuba divers have said that for every 10 meters (33 feet) of depth, this will have the same effect as drinking one Martini.

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