Month: September 2019

Can you scuba dive by yourself? (Is diving alone safe or illegal?)

Whilst it’s possible to dive by yourself, it’s not recommended safe diving practice. It’s also not illegal to dive alone and there’s no ‘scuba police’ to stop you from diving by yourself. When you get your scuba certification, you’ll learn that one of the main scuba safety rules is to never dive alone. You will learn about the dangers of diving alone and that all diver training is taught on the buddy system.

What happens if you don’t decompress when scuba diving?

What happens if you don’t decompress when scuba diving is you could end up with decompression sickness or the bends. Most recreational diving limits scuba divers to diving depths of 40 metres (131 feet) and ‘No decompression stop diving’. This is to prevent your body from taking on so much nitrogen that it can’t off-gas enough during a direct ascent to the surface. Advanced divers dive beyond the no decompression stop dive limits. This means on their ascent from a dive they are required to stop to allow additional time to decompress. Each decompression stop allows time for gas to move out of the tissues and back to the lungs.

Truk Master Liveaboard review (Truk Lagoon liveaboards and diving)

Truk Master Liveaboard reviews include phrases like: Mark from the USA “Wrecks top notch, friendly crews”. Tammy from Singapore “Good dive guide made sure everyone got out safely from engine rooms of the wrecks”. Tammy from Singapore “Knowledgeable and friendly cruise director”. The reviews of the Truk Master give an overall rating of 9.1 out of 10, 4.5 stars and she’s rated Superb!

Solmar V liveaboard review (Shark diving boat reviews)

Mexico’s Solmar V liveaboard yacht has been rated ‘Fabulous’ by scuba guests who’ve stayed on this Pelagic Fleet diving boat of Mexico. Reviews include words like “Absolutely incredible!” “This was a bucket list item for me”. “An amazing time on a great boat“. “Being face-to-face with curious dolphins and admiring the beauty of a giant manta is difficult to describe”.

Socorro Vortex liveaboard yacht review (The best Socorro Vortex reviews)

Mexico’s Socorro Vortex liveaboard Yacht has been rated ‘Exceptional’ by scuba guests who’ve stayed on this Pelagic Fleet liveaboard of Mexico. Reviews include words like “Amazing experience”. “The crew was amazing”. “Easily one of the best vacations I have been on”. “an extremely professional, friendly and personable crew”, and lots more. Finally, to finish on great words from a review: “What a life changing experience!”

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