Month: June 2019

Why Do The Great White Sharks Congregate Around Neptune Island?

Neptune Island shark diving is one of the 4 top spots in the world for great white sharks The Neptune Islands are off the coast of South Australia, not too far from Adelaide. If you’re interest in why great white sharks congregate around Neptune Island to cage dive there, the place to go is Port […]

Where Is The Best Place To Cage Dive With Sharks? (6 Best Shark Cage Diving)

Where is the best place to cage dive with sharks? Gansbaai, South Africa is often referred to as the “great white shark capital of the World”. Shark Alley off from Gansbaai is one of the top great white shark cage diving locations in the world. You’re almost guaranteed to see great whites from cages. But Isla Guadalupe is another premier destination for great white shark cage diving too, along with Stuart Island, New Zealand, Neptune Island, Australia and Farallon Island, USA.

Can You Go Great White Shark Diving In Western Australia? (Is It Banned?)

Great white shark diving in Western Australia isn’t allowed & shark tourism is been banned by fisheries minister is worried it’ll change shark behaviour.

Cage Dive Great White Sharks Australia Liveaboard (Seabed Cage Diving)

Cage dive great white sharks Australia liveaboard at Neptune Island where fur seals and sea lions attract great whites in numbers. For divers and non-divers to experience great white shark cage diving.

Scuba Diving With Sharks FAQs (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

Scuba diving with sharks key questions and answers – The truth unveiled about sharks and shark behaviour I have been scuba diving with sharks for years. But I know some divers are scared to dive with sharks. Plus some have not yet dived with sharks. In this article I will look at the FAQs on […]

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