Month: April 2019

Truk Lagoon Human Remains (Is Truk Lagoon Ghost Fleet Haunted?)

Truk Lagoon human remains include human skulls and bones. The human bones include leg bones and rib bones. The human lives lost at Truk Lagoon during Operation Hailstone in 1944 was 4,500. Three of the wrecks where human remains are still to be found include Oike Wreck, Shinkoko Maru wreck and Yamagiri.

Scuba Diving Questions And Answers (Scuba Diving Facts And Trivia)

Scuba diving questions and answers that are commonly asked by non-divers and beginner scuba divers. These include questions like: is it hard to learn to scuba dive; can a non-swimmer go scuba diving; can you scuba dive without being certified; howto get certified…and more.

What Are Common Depths For Experienced Scuba Divers (Scuba Depths)

What are common depths for experienced scuba divers is a question often asked. It’s not as deep as some might think and is somewhere between 20-25 metres on average. Diving isn’t just about how deep you can dive, but is instead about what the dive is about. If the dive is to go to a particular wreck and it just so happens the wreck is at 40 metres (131 feet), that will be the dive depth. This is of course subject to certification level and experience.

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