Month: March 2019

Cute Underwater Sea Creatures (Your Vote Is Needed)

Cute underwater sea creatures include sea turtles, manatees, clown fish (Nemo), seahorses, dolphins, seals, sea lions and sea otters. But perhaps eels and even maybe sharks can be cute on occasion. See what you think and please vote by commenting below.

Koh Haa Scuba Diving (Koh Haa by Day Boat or By Liveaboard Trip)

Koh Haa scuba diving offers great diving for beginners through to advanced divers. Koh Haa is best visited by liveaboard as part of a bigger trip, but can be dived or snorkeled from a day-trip boat too. Typical to see sea turtles, stingrays, plenty of moray eels and octopus and an abundance of reef fish and macro sea life.

What Is The Most Important Rule In Scuba Diving? (Never Hold Your Breath)

The most important rule in scuba diving is to never hold your breath. If you were to hold your breath, and in particular if you ascend whilst holding your breath, you will rupture your lungs. The worst case scenario for scuba divers to ignore this rule is death! Never hold your breath and you’ll be okay.

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