Month: January 2019

Liveaboard vs Resort Diving (The Pros Versus The Cons Of Both)

Whether you choose liveaboard diving or resort diving depends on a number of factors. You may choose to dive from a resort so you can go away with your non-diving family. Whereas you may choose a liveaboard because it’s the only way to dive the location you choose. Or it may be your experience is lacking to go on a particular liveaboard trip. Whatever the reason, this article looks at liveaboard diving vs resort diving to help you make that decision.

Raja Ampat Diving For Beginners (Can Novices Dive Raja Ampat or Not?)

Not all the dive sites at Raja Ampat are suitable for scuba diver beginners. This is due to the strong currents in the region. To enjoy the bio diversity of Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, you need to be a more advanced scuba diver with plenty of diving experience. You should be adept at drift diving before you go.

9 Affordable Indonesian Raja Ampat liveaboards (Budget Raja Ampat Diving)

There’s no doubting that a dive trip to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat is top of many scuba diver’s bucket list. But if you’re on a budget, then an affordable option needs to be considered. Raja Ampat is a photographers heaven, with some of the best marine bio-diversity on the planet and has nine affordable liveaboard boats to choose from.

Liveaboard Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Dewi Nusantara review (The Best Luxury Liveaboard)

There’s no doubting that a dive trip to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat on luxury liveaboard Dewi Nusantara is a diver’s bucket list trip. A photographers heaven and with some of the best marine bio-diversity on the planet! The Dewi Nusantara diving liveaboard has great reviews and a great schedule.

To Vape Or Not To Vape, That’s The Question (Vaping And Scuba Diving)

The jury is out as to whether or not vaping as a scuba diver is good or bad. But when you read that one of the ingredients of e-liquid, which is propylene glycol, can cause central nervous depression, seizures, laboured deep breathing, coma and suppressed brain activity, I wonder whether vaping and scuba diving perhaps is a bad thing.

Can You Die From The Bends? (Dysbarism Treatment)

Can you die from the bends or can decompression sickness kill you? Yes in extreme cases of the bends or decompression sickness it can kill you. As explained below when a National Geographic diver lost his life diving to a depth of 122 metres (400 feet), whilst filming the wreck HMHS Britannic in Greece.

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