Month: October 2018

10 Top Safety Tips For Scuba Diving (Making Scuba Safe)

The top 10 safety tips for scuba diving include: 1. Never hold your breath. 2. Never dive alone. 3. Ascend slowly from every dive. 4. Perform a safety stop at 5-6 metres (16-20 feet) on every dive. 5. Plan your dive and dive the plan. 6. Know your limits and dive within your limitations. 7. Check your air contents gauge regularly. 8. Always dive with an alternative air source or octopus. 9. Always perform the ABC buddy check before your dive. 10. Only dive if you’re fit to dive.

The Best Liveaboard Diving For Beginners (10 Top Liveaboard Destinations)

The top 10 liveaboard diving for beginners includes: The Great Barrier Reef, The Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, The Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt and the Red Sea, Fiji and Mexico. All have shallow clear blue warm waters, which are ideal for beginner scuba divers.

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