Month: August 2018

James Cameron Scuba Diving (Celebrity Scuba Divers)

James Cameron scuba diving celebrity and film director. Holding the accolade to have two of the four films that grossed over $2 billion. But he’s also been to the deepest part of planet earth, the Challenger Deep. Which gave Cameron the title for being the first person to successfully solo dive to the deepest part of the Mariana Trench.

Jessica Alba Scuba Diving (Celebrity Scuba Divers)

Jessica Alba began her scuba diving at the age of just 13 when she appeared in the remake of Flipper in 1995. It was 10 years later when she starred in underwater adventure movie Into the Blue that she used her scuba diving skills once more. Advanced PADI certified scuba diver Jessica Alba was taught to swim by her lifeguard mother at the age of three.

5 Scuba Diving Entry Techniques (Tips For Entering The Water Safely)

Five scuba diving entry techniques include the most common, which is the giant stride entry. But deep water entries also include the back roll entry and the forward roll entry methods. There’s also the seated entry method for entering shallow water or for entering the water quietly. The fifth way for entering the water scuba diving is the shore entry wade, which includes the backwards fin walk.

Diving Buddy Check Acronym or Mnemonic (Why Scuba Buddy Checking Is Important)

Many divers use a diving buddy check acronym or mnemonic to remember how to carry out a scuba dive buddy check. Acronyms or mnemonics include the ‘ABC’ BSAC buddy check and the ‘BWRAF’ PADI dive check. A scuba dive buddy check is for your safety and your buddy’s safety. The buddy checking makes sure your kit and your buddy’s kit is in working order. It helps to familiarise you both with each others scuba kit and confirms your air is switch on.

Is Scuba Diving More Dangerous Than Skydiving?

The question: ‘Is scuba diving more dangerous than skydiving;’ the answer is yes. The odds of dying scuba diving are nearly three times that of the odds of dying skydiving. But the odds of dying whilst driving in a car on the way to scuba dive or skydive are far worse. In fact you’re five times more likely to die in a car crash than you are scuba diving.

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