Month: July 2018

How Deep Can You Dive Without Decompression (No Decompression Stop Limits)

Many beginner scuba divers ask ‘how deep can you dive without decompression.’ As all dives are decompression dives, the answer is: You can’t dive without needing to decompress. A better question that should be asked is ‘how deep can you dive without decompression stops?‘ Decompression stops are affected by how deep you dive and also by how much time you spend at your chosen depth. The deeper and longer your dive, the more chances of needing decompression stops. For shallow dives between 6-10 metres (20-30 feet) you could spend many hours without needing to stop for decompression. But if you dive deeper than 30 metres (100 feet), your time at this depth would be limited to around 20 minutes before a decompression stop is required.

Are There Sharks In The Great Barrier Reef? (What Sharks Do You See?)

There are up to 134 species of shark found on the Great Barrier Reef. Shark species found there include whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and the strange looking Wobbegong shark.

Where Do You Fly Into To Go To The Great Barrier Reef? (Nearest Airport To Fly)

The best airport to fly to for visiting the Great Barrier Reef is Cairns international airport. Cairns is in the northern part of the State of Queensland and is the closest coastal town to the Great Barrier Reef. You can either get a direct international flight into Cairns, or get a domestic flight from one of the other Australian cities, like Sydney, Perth or Melbourne.

Best Shore Dives In Bonaire (Easy unlimited shore diving Bonaire)

The world’s best shore diving is in Bonaire where you can buy unlimited scuba diving packages The best shore dives in Bonaire can be enjoyed by experienced and certified scuba divers. Go as a buddy-pair and dive the shore dive sites around this Netherlands Antilles island. Bonaire’s shore dives are so good they have been vote […]

All Inclusive Resorts With Scuba Diving Included Bahamas (Free Scuba Diving)

The best resorts to stay at on the Bahamas where scuba diving is included, are Sandals resorts. There are two ‘adult-only’ all-inclusive resorts by Sandals. These are the Sandals Royal Bahamian and Sandals Emerald Bay. If you’re certified, simply show your certification and you can dive. But even if you’re not a certified scuba diver, you can learn to dive with an experienced PADI diving instructor. But you’ll have to pay the PADI course fees to learn scuba. Alternatively, there’s a 3-hour Discover Scuba Diving Program, which carries a nominal fee too.

Jardines De La Reina Liveaboard (Best Cuba Scuba Diving)

Jardines de la Reina National Park is Cuba’s second largest archipelago. Situated along the southern coast of mainland Cuba, it’s a protected marine park. The only way to scuba dive this top dive destination is by liveaboard. An almost guarantee to see reef and silky sharks and the area has many giant and Goliath groupers to enjoy.

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