Year: 2018

14 Decompression Sickness Risk Factors In Scuba Diving and How to Avoid Them

14 decompression sickness risk factors in scuba diving include: Number and depth of previous dives, age, fitness, exertion, obesity, smoking and other drugs, alcohol consumption, fatigue, dehydration, injuries or birth defects, flying too soon being female and the menstrual cycle. When planning your next scuba dive, be aware of your own personal circumstances before simply relying on decompression tables or your dive computer.

Can You Survive 47 Meters Underwater? (How Deep Is 47 Metres In Feet = 154 Feet)

Can you survive 47 metres underwater?’ The simple answer is yes. But there’s a catch. The catch is you must have the necessary training and experience as a scuba diver to dive to 47 metres (154 feet) deep.

Socorro Island Manta Rays (Socorro Island Liveaboard Diving and How to Get There)

Socorro Island’s giant pacific manta rays can grow to have wingspans up to 7 metres (23f). Scuba diving with Socorro Island mantas can only be achieved by Socorro Island liveaboard as the islands are 390 kilometres (240m) off the main land, making it a 24 hour boat ride from Cabo San Lucas.

Is It Dangerous To Scuba Dive? (10 Of The Biggest Dangers Divers Face)

Is it dangerous to scuba dive‘ is a question asked by many looking to try scuba diving out. The answer to this question is yes, but only if you don’t get properly trained and then by not follow the training you receive. The biggest dangers divers face and number one reason why scuba divers die is because they run out of air. This is due to carelessness on behalf of the diver and in most cases can be avoided.

Is Swimming Required For Snorkelling: Don’t Snorkel Before Reading This

If you’re asking the question ‘Is swimming required for snorkelling?‘ Whilst the answer is potentially a ‘NO,’ in my opinion the answer should be an emphatic ‘YES,’ you should be able to swim before you go snorkelling. I say this for safety reasons, if you are a non-swimmer, you should learn to swim before you go into the water. I’m not talking about being a strong swimmer (you’re not going to be entering into the Olympics). Basic swimming competency is all that’s necessary.

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